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Smoke Mains Alarms

Mains Smoke Alarms
Maintained & Replaced

It is a law that at least one smoke alarm must be wired to the mains in all new homes built since 1992. As people are renovating older homes, they too are opting to have a mains smoke alarm. It is recognised that it’s an important safety feature, giving the occupants of a home early warning that smoke is filling the building.

Mains smoke alarms require the expertise of an electrician to replace faulty or older alarms. We are available to replace alarms if they have stopped working properly, or if they are 10 years old or more. It is recommended that they are replaced once a decade.

To give you peace of mind, we are happy to test your mains smoke alarm once a year in your home. If you are responsible for tenants, leave a regular check to the professionals – we are happy to work with your tenants to keep everyone happy and safe.

Fitting A Mains Smoke Alarm

An early alarm that wakes you up in the event of a fire would give you extra seconds to evacuate the building. It’s also extra time for your loved ones to get out too and it could make a considerable difference. Installing a mains smoke alarm has to be completed by a qualified electrician – call in the professionals to get this job done right.

We will discuss what is needed for your property and let you know the processes involved. We provide a comprehensive quote and can arrange the fitting on a date that is convenient for you. Call us today for all your mains smoke alarm needs.

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