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Domestic Gas Safety Certificate

Domestic Gas Safety Certificate

The team a Maintenance Hive is available to issue domestic Gas Safety Certificates in London and the surrounding area.

A gas safety certificate is issued after a full inspection of all gas-related appliances in a dwelling are checked and considered safe to use.

Do I Need A Domestic Gas Safety Certificate?

Landlords are legally required to ensure their tenants’ safety by having an annual gas safety inspection. They must provide a valid certificate to tenants whether they are renting a flat, house, bedsit, B&B room, holiday let, caravan or chalet.

Private homeowners do not legally require a gas safety certificate, however, it is never a bad thing to have your home checked regularly to make sure everything is safe to use. When you are selling your home, it’s a reassuring thing to be able to offer your buyer. They will know that you have maintained the property well and not cut any corners.

Landlords and employers are legally responsible for making sure all gas-related equipment provided to tenants or employees is safe to use. This means gas equipment should be subjected to regular inspections followed by any necessary remedial work. Below is the process involved in a gas safety check.

What’s Involved With A
Gas Safety Inspection?

For landlords or private dwelling owners, a gas safety inspection involves a close examination of all gas-powered appliances. That includes the boiler, cooker, hob, and fire. The equipment will be checked for leaks, corrosion, ventilation, location, and how it is used.

A certificate is valid for 12 months. Our engineers are trained and accredited to complete the inspection and issue a certificate. If remedial work is required or recommended, we are also available to complete the work to put things right if needed.

We are happy to work with landlords and their tenants to keep you compliant with the current health and safety regulations. Get in contact with us today and book your gas safety inspection.

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Domestic Gas
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