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Fire Alarm Certificates

Fire Alarm Certificates
In London & Essex

To be certain that the fire alarms in your business or rental property are working, book us to check them and issue a certificate of proof.

Current regulations state that a business must always maintain fire prevention practices and that includes ensuring that an adequate alarm system is installed and working on the premises.

How Often Should A Fire Alarm Be Checked?

Fire alarms should be checked every 6 months. If you are responsible for a business, you are considered responsible for the fire alarms. Landlords have to make sure fire alarms are working properly. An entry in a logbook should be made to record the time and date of the fire alarm inspection.

Leave the routine check to the professionals. We are trained to thoroughly check your fire alarms in Chelmsford and issue a record of our inspection. Our team has the qualifications required and our prices for fire alarm certificates are kept low.

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If your alarm system is complex and in a large building with many rooms, we will complete the checks at the convenience of your operation. We check the following if they are part of your system:

  • The smoke detectors
  • The heat detectors
  • The central control panel
  • Any manual call points
  • The sounders

These are the standard parts of an alarm system to check to ensure they are functioning. Should we find anything that is not working, we will alert you and make recommendations to correct it.

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