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Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights
Installed In London & Essex

Emergency lights help guide people away from your building in the event of a fire. They are there to protect people, including your tenants, employees, visitors, and customers.

Rely on our team of qualified professionals to install emergency lighting in the Chelmsford area. We have the experience and training to complete the work and keep you compliant with fire safety regulations.

What Is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is a part of fire safety. Regulations state that emergency routes must have illuminated signage to show how to get out of a building when light is impaired. This might be when it’s dark at night, but also when smoke is making visibility difficult. Emergency lighting is backed up by a battery system, therefore it is also used if there is an electricity failure.

Emergency lighting needs to be planned carefully. It must mark exits and illuminate hazards such as stairs. There is a lot to consider, that’s why it is essential to only use a qualified and trained engineer to install an emergency lighting system. Getting it wrong could cost lives.

Get In Touch For Emergency Lighting

Call us for a consultation about your emergency lighting system. We are here to complete checks, repairs, and changes. Your emergency lighting should be regularly maintained to ensure it is working properly when it is required.

It needs to be checked to make sure it automatically comes on, and that the batteries are still working fully. With years of working knowledge to call on, we are the professionals to use to maintain your emergency lighting.

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