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Domestic EPC

Domestic EPC Issued In London & Essex

Call us for an assessment of your property if you need an EPC. EPCs can only be issued by trained and qualified assessors and our team has the qualifications you need.

We pride ourselves on our customer service – we believe it is important to be punctual, polite, and considerate when we enter a customer’s home. Rely on us to have your EPC report ready quickly when you need it.

What Is An Domestic EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. It’s an assessment of your home’s energy efficiency with some recommendations included on what steps can be taken to improve your home’s rating. It’s been a law in England and Wales since 2007 to have a valid EPC if you are selling or renting your property. New homes being constructed must also have an EPC. It’s part of the Government’s target to lower our country’s carbon footprint. Our team is trained and registered to issue EPCs in our area.

Your property will be given a rating on a scale of A to G. A is the best rating and has the least impact on the environment. Most homes, in reality, are given a rating of D or E with older places that haven’t been upgraded being rated the lowest. The rating is a good indication of how high energy bills will be for the property, so the better the rating, the cheaper the property is to run.

Do I Need An EPC?

If you are selling your home or renting a property then you are legally required to have an EPC ready. It’s a good idea to have an assessment completed early because you could improve your property’s rating before you put it on the market.

The better the rating is for your property, the more attractive it is to buyers or renters. We can provide an assessment for you so you can decide whether upgrades are worth having done before a new buyer or tenant is found.

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What Is Looked At During
An EPC Inspection?

An assessor will need access to all the rooms in your home as well as the loft space if this is part of your property. The assessor will take notes about the size of your property, the number of rooms, and the building’s construction.

They will look at the windows and doors noting whether they are single, double, or triple glazed. The number of lights will be noted along with the type of bulbs used. The boiler and heating system will be closely assessed too. In the loft, the type and thickness of insulation will make a considerable difference to the rating.

With all of this information recorded, the assessor can produce the EPC report for your property.

How Long Does An EPC Take?

The exact time will depend on the size of your property, but in general, we take around an hour to complete an EPC assessment. We have appointments available at a time that is suitable for you and our rates are always kept low.

Book an EPC assessment with us and we will have your documentation with you within 24 hours.

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