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PAT Certificates

PAT Certificates

If you require PAT certificates for your business, call us at Maintenance Hive and book us for a visit. We are available to complete PAT inspections for large or small organizations to meet your requirements.

PAT testing must be carried out by a competent person – there is no doubt that qualified and registered electricians are the trusted professionals to use.

What is Pat Certificate?

PAT, or Portable Appliance Test, is an examination of certain types of electrical appliances. A PAT certificate is a label that is dated and signed and then applied to the appliance to prove it has been tested and has passed the safety check. If an appliance fails, it is given a red sticker to show it has failed and cannot be used.

Why is A Pat Certificate Necessary

The main reason PAT inspections are required is for safety. Electrical appliances are fire and shock hazards – by having your electrical equipment regularly tested you are keeping the risks to a minimum.

Currently, there isn’t a legal requirement to have PAT inspections carried out, however, all employers and businesses in the UK are legally bound to keep staff, customers, and visitors safe from harm so it makes sense to have PAT testing carried out annually to prove you are maintaining your equipment. A PAT test will also warn you if an item has become faulty in use and therefore avoiding an accident.

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What Needs Pat Testing?

All portable appliances require a full PAT test that includes earth continuity, insulations tests, and lead polarity using specialist equipment. Appliances that need a full PAT test would include photocopiers, vending machines, fridges, freezers, kettles, and desktop computers. Other pieces of equipment should also be tested such as TVs, lamps, drills, printers, and hair straighteners. Handheld appliances that are moved around are a higher risk. If your staff frequently handle items like hairdryers, electric drills, and laptops, make sure they are safe to use before an accident happens. Book us to PAT test the electrical equipment in your business.

The list of electrical appliances that should carry a PAT certificate is lengthy – if you are not sure whether you require the testing, give us a call and discuss your equipment with us. We can let you know what needs to be done to keep your business safe and compliant with regulations. Our team is fully qualified, trained, and ready to complete all the safety tests you need for your business. We also offer a discount if you are having bulk electrical and gas safety checks so ask about this when you book an appointment.

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