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Non-Domestic EICR

Non-Domestic EICR
Inspections Completed

If you are the owner of a business, it is recommended that you have a commercial EICR inspection every 5 years to make sure that your staff and customers are safe in your buildings. You have a responsibility to everyone who enters your property, and faulty electrics can be both a shock risk and a fire hazard. The fixed wiring in a building can deteriorate over the years without you realising it. The risks are easily minimised if you book a regular EICR for a commercial property.

ECIR checks can only be completed by a qualified electrician who is experienced and highly knowledgeable about electrical systems. Our team at Maintenance Hive is trained to perform electrical safety checks and then issue the report and supporting documents. Call us for an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. If you have any concerns about the system in your business, talk to us about them and we will visit you quickly to help resolve any issues.

What Is A Non-Domestic EICR?

A commercial EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report – is a document that evaluates the electrical system in a commercial or business setting.

It examines the condition of the electrical installation and checks that it complies with current safety standards. The document that is issued will show the date of the inspection and any recommendations for improvements. The document is sometimes required by insurers.

Landlords Require EICR Documents

The requirement for an EICR for all landlords came into effect in June 2020. The new regulations mean that everyone who rents out a property must have an EICR completed at least every 5 years, and the resulting report be made available to tenants. The inspection must be completed by a qualified electrician, and if any work is needed for safety, then this must be completed and re-checked within 28 days.

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What Is Checked During A
Commercial Electrical Inspection?

The fixed wiring is inspected, such as the sockets and light fittings. The consumer unit – fuse board – is also closely examined. Fixed wired connections are also looked at like extractors, showers, and lifts. Appliances such as computers and printers are not part of the regulations, however.

Potential shock or fire hazards are looked for and overloading of the system. Lack of earthing, defective electrics and dangerously worn wiring are checked for. The safety of all occupants and users is at the center of the inspection.

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Our team is qualified to complete all EICR inspections in Chelmsford. We put our customers first and deliver a first-rate service every time. Get in touch and we will book your EICR check today.

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